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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Toiled and Leathered

Here's a Toilsome "exclusive". It's a portrait-slash-illustration of/for a dear miss name Mitzi. It's not just a far-fetched fantasy we've depicted here but a representation of the deliciously deviant nocturnal lifestyle her and her hubby envelope themselves in. Ya won't find this piece o' ink in my gallery as it's about as family friendly as phone sex with Bill O' Reilly but the Les Man is as proud as a peacock about it nontheless. Hope ya's like!

By the way, the date is 6/6/06. AAAAAARRRGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!! Clutch your Rosary beads and DON'T LEAVE THE HOUSE!!!


Blogger Sugar said...

as a long time blogger, i certainly hope you do blog, Les... and as a long time lover of your work, I can't wait to see what you put up here for us to ogle... you do such beautiful work.

I wish I could have you do a portrait (or three) of me...


8:41 PM

Blogger SmileyTD said...

Wow, Les!! As always, your artwork is simply amazing. This is a great piece. Thank you very much for sharing the fruits of your talent with us.

As interesting as your posts always are at Miss Christine's group, I can't wait to see what you blog about here. Hope you're doing well.


9:51 PM

Blogger AmesJo said...

Hey Les! Great work!! I always love to read whatever you write, so looking forward to a blog. :)


4:29 AM

Blogger Jenna said...

LES Darling!!!

It's always a supreme pleasure to see you and any of your work. You know I just adore everything you do.

I was fortunate enough to have a potrait done by the Artists himself and I treasure it always.

Can't wait to see everything that gets posted here. OH and Les feel free to drop by my Myspace page at

I love the name lol "Heaven"


Queen Jennifer

8:11 AM

Blogger Carrie said...

Oh!!! You naughty, naughty boy!!! That is soooo awesome!! Welcome to the eternal fun of blogging


1:03 PM

Blogger Carrie said...

Love it!

2:33 PM

Blogger The Meat Machine said...

Les, you're something else. (It's TSL from Dim, BTW.) But dear God, you're an amazing artist and seem like a real sweetheart.

6:40 PM

Blogger MommaHen aka Sarah said...

I love it Les!

9:37 PM

Blogger Keith Butland said...

Wow Les, that is a fantastic picture. We haven't forgotten that we need to send you some ideas for our little piece of ink.

Keith and Sharon

8:20 AM


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