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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Thanks For The Add!!

Hi all! My artistic wing man Steven Vandervate succinctly summed up my impression of the whole MySpace phenomenon:

visual chaos.

Now guess who's become a part of that visual chaos generation? You guessed it. MySpace was a place in cyberspace that I thought was strictly reserved for kids and middle-age pervs posing as kids, but when I saw everyone from Abraham Lincoln to Judy Jetson has a MySpace page I knew Toildom residence was inevitable. And yes, my digital domicile is just as noisy and visually frenetic as all my neighbors' page. It's interesting how MySpace has made it OK to want to force our music upon others. I mean, how many people do you know that love to have DJ Thug Dawg or Billy Ray Cyrus suddenly assault them at 120 decimals at the mere click of a MySpace profile pic? Forrest Gump should have said "Life is like MySpace music. You never know what you're gonna, but something's sure to piss you off soon enough".

The difference with the music on MY MySpace page is that it truly brings joy to your ears. I mean, how could it not? I have the kitschy sounds of 1967 Paris pop kitten France Gall (and no, it's not because she keeps crooning the word "Les"), the B-Boy brilliance of Nice 'n' Smooth back in the 80s when hip-hop WAS king and every dress came with shoulder pads, The Beatles' gearest song to date "Don't Bother Me" performed by George, the toe-tapping urgency of The Specials to acknowledge my punk/two-tone roots, a fantastic and underrated smash song from The Ronnettes before Phil Spector came and completely stripped them of their defiant street roots, and a ferociously hot number I recently discovered by Elvis Presley called "Big Hunk of Love" with raucous solos from both the guitar AND the piano. So yeah, when you get to MYspace feel free to remove the earplugs because I'm spinning songs that'll make your grandpappy do back flips.

OK, all pompousity aside, come drop by my page and make your presence known with a sweet graphic or a simple "Ciao Les!"--at least while the place still has that new MySpace smell.

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    Blogger angel said...

    I love your page Les, and you'd be surprised at how mellow the new song is on my profile, even if it IS done by Judas Priest! LOL It's called "Angel", take a listen when you get a chance!

    4:17 AM

    Blogger m said...

    that page is chaotic. wow.

    9:08 AM

    Blogger Z.R.Teest said...

    hey blood...i saw your other site, with your"glam pic" in your profile. I was thinking "Man, he looks like the bastard child of Crockett and Tubbs!" j/k

    7:22 AM


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