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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Paging Bettie! Paging Bettie!

Hi evahbody. Typical situation happened where someone engaged me in a back-and-forth about having a portrait done but after I went through the effort of creating a bunch of poses for her and emailing them to her, she broke the news she doesn't have a penny. As much as I haven't wanted to take my friends' and family members' advice to not pick up a pencil until the potential client states she has money, I think I may soon have to.

Anyways, enough of my grousing and griping. I thought I'd utilize these cute l'il saucy scribbles and let you all grab a gaze. And if any of you potential Toil Chickas see a pose amongst this bunch that suits you to a tee, just give me a holler and reserve it for your own magnum opus. I loooove classic pin-up art from the good ol' days and I'm ALWAYS raring to do something retro. :)

Click the art for a much larger viewing!